News: 7 METERS

7M - Daniel Gordo Rios: 'I am ready to do everything in my power to achieve a good result'
7M Aidenas Malasinskas: 'We are hungry and this is our time to shine'
7M - Nuno Santos: ’My ultimate goal is to play for the Portuguese national team’
7M - Veselin Vujovic: ‘If we manage to get past Zagreb, I’m sure we’ll go all the way!’
7M - Mate Lekai: 'Our goal is to win SEHA League once again'
7M - Branko Tamse: 'I really want everything to function like a well-runed orchestra'
7M - Marko Kizic: ‘We can defeat anyone in Bitola’
7m - Vlado "Beastmode" Matanovic - Proof that hard work makes the dream work
7m - Milan Bomastar: "SEHA is a big challenge for all of us"
7m - Ante Gadza: “Every club is different and every change forces you to adjust a bit“