News: 7 METERS

7m | Halil Jaganjac: ‘I dream of playing with Duvnjak and winning a medal with Croatia!'
7m | Barys Pukhouski: ‘I feel I can teach younger generations a lot and that would be a good challenge for me!’
7m | Jovica Nikolic: ‘Vojvodina has helped me become better in every aspect of the game!’
7m | Oliver Rabek: 'I’d say I’m living a life dedicated to my family and sport'
7M | David Mandic: ‘My goal is to lead by example, give everything I’ve got and more’
7M | Stipe Mandalinic: ‘I believe people still haven’t seen the best of me!’
7M | Baptiste Bonnefond: "We have a great team in Brest and the best is yet to come!"
7M | Ante Kuduz: ‘Everything I went through helped me become the player I am today’
7M | Yahia Omar: „Egypt gave me everything, it made me who I am today”
7M Ivan Cupic: ‘Four-goal lead is a lot, but we definitely have something to say in Zagreb!’