Radovic: "I’m happy and proud we’ve managed to turn it around after what happened on Friday!"

press bronze medal

Eurofarm Pelister will be taking the bronze home with them to Bitola after a 27:23 win in the first match of the day on Sunday. In what was only their premier appearance in the final tournament Eurofarm Pelister managed to celebrate starting the season with a solid confidence booster.

Lars Walther, Eurofarm Pelister coach:
We've prepared well for this one, the goal was to play well and win it in the end. I feel like we were maybe a bit luckier in some key moments of the game. It's great we managed to pull it off even without Rudy Seri, I have to highlight Soussi who delivered a splendid performance playing through pain. I'm glad we managed to turn the page after Friday and show our real face.

Branko Tamse, Nexe coach:
We've opened the match well on both sides but then their goalkeeper Urban Lesjak saved three or four seven-meter shots in a row bringing us down mentally. Even with that, we were still able to finish the first half one goal up but at the beginning of the second part, we committed a couple of turnovers allowing them to open the gap easily and basically seal the deal in this one. The goal was to try many different things here in this tournament and I feel like that’s what we did but we’ll have to analyze these performances and draw conclusions because I’ve seen many things I really didn’t like.

Mirko Radovic, Eurofarm Pelister player:
First of all – this surely was a great experience for us overall. The organization was really nice and we’ve had a really wonderful time here in Zadar. I’m really happy and proud we managed to bring ourselves up after Friday. It was a great match at the end which surely will boost us with confidence for the rest of the season.

Fran Mileta, Nexe player:
Congrats to Eurofarm Pelister on a well-deserved win here today. When it comes to us, obviously, you have to find a way to play your best throughout all 60 minutes when playing matches like this and we didn’t do that today. We’ve missed way too many clear chances in the first. The goal will of course be to analyze the match and draw conclusions.

Photo credit: kolektiffimages