News: #HC Eurofarm Pelister

Vojvodina goes 2/2 against SEHA Final 4 participants to start the season
Eurofarm’s two-game road trip starts in Novi Sad on Monday
Eurofarm Pelister against Aguas Santas Milaneza, Veszprem aiming to get back on winning tracks
Tomislav Severec secured Nexe's EHFEL group phase victory
Start of EHF EL group stage – Nexe hit the road, Eurofarm and Tatran opening the season at home
Radovic: "I’m happy and proud we’ve managed to turn it around after what happened on Friday!"
Eurofarm Pelister end their debut victorious
Walther: “50:50 chances for both sides!”
Ilic: "I really like the way we played today"
Record-breaking Veszprem follow PPD Zagreb to the final