Zeleznicar Nis- Newcomers from 'Cair' with a famous coach and ambitious plans


The only newcomers in the SEHA - Gazprom League season 2018/2019, RK Zeleznicar Nis, are coming from the city of rich handball history. The city of Nis is known as the "bastion of Serbian handball" with sports hall "Cair", the venue where the Serbian national team has played the most important matches in the last decade. Also, Men's EHF EURO 2012, Women's EHF EURO 2012 and Women's World Championship 2013 took place at the venue.

RK Zeleznicar Nis could be called a "team-specialist" for the Cup competitions. On top of that, the club from 'Cair' are Serbian Cup title holders, who have also won seven national Cup titles in total. The first was in 1977, while two others in former Yugoslavia were won during the era of RK Metaloplastika Sabac (1982 and 1985). They won the last four in two decades (1997, 1999, 2014 and 2018). Among club's achievements, there are also two vice-champions "crowns" from 1998 and last season, where Zeleznicar were the leaders until the last round of Play-Off.

Team from Nis had solid performances on the international level, where the Serbians played Cup Winners Cup Final in 1978 and the semi-final in season 1982/1983.

The most iconic person in the history of the club is Zoran Zivkovic, former Yugoslav NT coach with whom the national team touched the sky in 1986 at the World Championship in Switzerland, which was only a chapter of his brilliant career all around the Globe.

The new RK Zeleznicar Nis coach, Veselin Vujovic, learned many handball lessons from Zivkovic, who coached him during golden 80's of Yugoslavia and RK Metaloplastika Sabac. He began his coaching career as Zivkovic's assistant in 1995.

Arrival of handball legend like Vujovic in Nis echoed like a bomb and confirmed high ambitions of Serbian vice-champions in the upcoming years.

Vujovic, who is still Slovenian NT coach with whom he won world's bronze in 2017, put together a roster of young, but promising players from the region, capable to fight for the domestic trophies. However, they want to make a step forward in the SEHA - Gazprom League and the EHF Cup.

The club has managed to keep the most important players like Sretenovic, Jevtic, Spasic and Milovanovic. Zeleznicar’s roster is significantly stronger than last season, as they have signed many big names, alongside their new high-profile head coach. Darko Stosic, Stefan Jankovic, Dejan Babic, Pavle Banduka, Aleksandar Pavlovic, Jovo Damjanovic, Danijel Dupljacanec, Aleks Kljajic, Milos Savic, Marko Knezevic, Marko Milosavljevic and Danilo Mihaljevic are all new signings in Nis. 

RK Zeleznicar have been the favorites for trophies in Serbian handball even before my arrival. This is our main goal, but also to make a better picture about Serbian handball in the SEHA - Gazprom League, where they always finished in the last two spots. We don't want to repeat that level of results. Our goal is to make a young squad in line with European standards says Veselin Vujovic.