Vojvodina - New start and old ambitions

Bojanic, Vojvodina

RK Vojvodina Novi Sad extended their amazing winning run in Serbian handball by winning the sixth consecutive title in domestic Superliga, which put RK Metaloplastika Sabac record (seven in a row between 1982 and 1988) in danger. The best Serbian team and a long-time representative in the SEHA - Gazprom League, passed through difficult periods during last season followed by three coaching replacements (Bosko Rudic, Dragan Kukic and Kasim Kamenica), but in the end, experienced squad led by young coach Boris Rojevic, made a fantastic winning series to win the Championship in a photo-finish.

This seventh Superliga triumph (the first was in 2005 and 2013-2018) made the trophy hall even bigger, where there is also enough space for four Serbian Cup trophies (2005, 2006, 2011, 2016) as well as domestic Super Cups (2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016)

RK Vojvodina Novi Sad are coming to the new season with a completely renovated squad. The vision of the club is to give chance to some younger guys. Ten players left the team (Vuckovic, Stojanovic, Nadoveza, Jovanovic, Milasevic, Simovic, Bojanic, Cagalj, Trifkovic and Jandric). The most important contract renewal was keeping the goalkeeper Svetislav Verkic between the posts. They intend to build the close future of the team around him. The 37-year old goalie committed his future by signing a four-year contract which will certainly keep him in the club until the end of his career. His quality is well-known and recognized by the Serbian NT coach Ljubomir Obradovic, who called him for successful World Championship 2019 Play-Off double-header against Portugal.

The Serbian champions since 2013 presented five new players. Among them are two former members Sasa Marijanac (playmaker) and Goran Trkulja (line-player), but also experienced left back, and ex-PPD Zagreb member, Dusan Celica, his compatriot and Bosnian NT member left wing Alen Ovcina and ex-Qatari junior NT left back Adson Bajric. They will build the new team together with right back Stefan Ranisavljevic, who came back from loan and young stars from their own school Jovan Nicic and Balsa Stevovic.

Handball fans across the region are curious to see how far the new Vojvodina can go with the same ambitions, to stay at the TOP of Serbian handball and to give a serious resistance to all the rivals abroad.

The new, young Vojvodina, but with the same desire for trophies. We didn't promise anything last season, so we won't this year as well, except that fans will watch the warriors on the court. They will demonstrate what means to wear Vojvodina's jersey says RK Vojvodina coach Boris Rojevic.