Full stands at the top SEHA – Gazprom League matches


SEHA – Gazprom League is a sports competition with a long-standing tradition that has developed from year to year as a respectable international competition organized at the highest level.

Spectators all over the region and even wider recognized the top-notch handball played at the SEHA courts. We, at the SEHA – Gazprom League are always pleased to see full stands and our 8th players enjoying the game and respectfully supporting their teams.

In order to keep the product of our sports competition at the highest possible level, we always strive to attract handball fans across the region and on our digital platforms to stay in touch with the latest news and action from the SEHA courts, all in a fair manner and positive attitude towards all participants.

We strive to put our fair play speech into practice every day!

Let’s continue to respectfully experience handball together and enjoy the upcoming SEHA – Gazprom League matches.